Most of the people, “THINK” that when a person act “Kindly” towards them means he/she is attracted to them.

— Thesis No. 3

It doesn’t matter who you are, as long as you are Confident, the probability of befriending a girl/woman will Increased

— Thesis No. 2

The Art of Stalking ( Prologue ) Part 3

Hey guyz, finally i got some time to write another story for this series LoL. You Ready?!?! lets get this started.. Once upon a time in China ( This is not a name of a movie xD ), There’s a boy, longing for true love ^.^ LoL. One day, he and his family went to a city to met their far relatives ( uh 0.0 i don’t know how to describe this ). They met and had some chit-chat and finally made an appointment for family dinner. Read More…

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