Hack Skipping Machine Ticket

Friday the 13th, after my class finished I went directly to Taman Anggrek mall to meet my friend. When we met up, my friend brought me to this game place named Timezone to play Maximum Tune 3DX since it was new. Because it’s too crowded I have to share with my friend. While I was waiting for my turn, I saw these 6 peoples 3 girls and 3 boys played this game.

It is a skipping machine. To play this we have to jump in the panel when the bulb is rotating until we reached the Jackpot.

This machine has 3 types of Jackpot depend on how many time we swipe the game card. 1x for 50 tickets, 2x for 100 tickets and 3x for 150 tickets. Suddenly, something comes to my mind and I found the trick to cheat this machine. When the first time I tried it, I failed. Then I tried it again and yeah it works. The trick is really simple and all you have to do is put your left or right leg in the panel and do it as if u are jumping on the panel. I wonder why people want to do as the instruction did while there is an easiest way. Hope u can do it like i do ^_^ .

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