The Way of Stalking ( Reconnaissance ) Part 2

Hello World!! How’s it going? Find out her name yet? No? First Name? Middle Name? Last Name? Just a single name will do. Don’t bother bout others. K! K! Leave it. Let’s assumed that you got this “P.C.S” Lady’s Name.

Do you know that you can find a person in a google? Off Course You Can!?!?

Hey, we got this technology called “Social Network/Social Media”. Facebook, Twitter, FourSquare, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.

They do tweet and check in every time on Twitter and FourSquare. Mostly but, well it doesn’t mean that you can always find the guy on the internet.

Time to gather some information!!!?!!

Let’s call this “PCS” Lady “Wicella”.
1st – Search on Google.
Don’t be lazy. You can find bunch of knowledges and informations by asking uncle Google.

2nd – Search on Twitter.
Girls like to tweet aren’t they.

3rd – Search on Foursquare.
I don’t know why they like this but they like to post where they are.

4th – Facebook/Google+
d^.^b +Like this. Most of em shows their Full Name here.

5th – Linkedin
Workin Gal? Come in here.

So… What did you get from this? Try it Yourself.

Cheers :p

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