The Way of Stalking ( Reconnaissance Phase ) Part 1

Hanging out in Starbuck, drinking some Coffee and Whoosh…

“WoW!!! Who’s that Girl?!?!?”. Yeah, Yeah Who’s that girl? “I want to know more about her”. Every Man definitely has ever Experienced this. What’s this? This is what “WE” say or think after seeing P.C.S (Pretty Cute Sexy) Girl.

“Hey, I want to be her friend and know more about her but I’m to shy”. I know… I know how it feels like…. but hey, you could find and get to know her without interacting with her. How? EASY!!!?!?! As long as you know her “name” and “face”, you can start doing it. How to find out her name? Well, try to “Eavesdropped”. Just a single name of her will do.

Try it yourself :D. That’s all for now folks.

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