Installing Tor + Privoxy + Vidalia for SOCK Proxy During Testing On Kali Linux

Tor is a very interesting proxy program i have ever seen. We can use this to bypass any restriction on the internet and surf on the internet anonymously.
Privoxy is a Non Cache Web Proxy Tools with advanced filtering.
Vidalia is a component for Tor

Kay Let’s get this started.

1. Installing Tor on Kali

apt-get install tor

2. Installing Privoxy

apt-get install privoxy

3. Installing Vidalia

apt-get install vidalia

4. Editing Privoxy Config

nano /etc/privoxy/config

Go to Line 699. [This should be around 695 – 699]

697 #  Default value:
698 #
699 #
700 #
701 #  Effect if unset:

Change To

697 #  Default value:
698 #
699 listenaddress
700 #    
701 #  Effect if unset:
And add these on the very bottom line
forwardsocks4    /      .
forwardsocks4a   /      .
forwardsocks5    /      .

5. Starting Tor

service tor start

Okay That’s All Folks. You’re ready to go

P.S. This can’t be use against The Great Firewall of China

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